Hello there! I’m Jacob. I’m an aspiring writer who, along with my lovely other half, Nancy, currently call central Ohio. If there has ever been anything in life that I have been known to do, it is to write about all I can, read anything and everything I come across, and devour food. Lots of food. My wondrous wife and I met at a small, private college in Southern Ohio where we found out that we were long-lost neighbors, where we grew in leaps and bounds, and where we learned to weather the storms of college and life-in-general together. After four and a half long years of college, we graduated, got married on the most perfect wedding day of all time in July of 2016, and set out again for Northwestern-ish Ohio where I was to begin law school. It was only halfway through the first semester that I felt as if something was missing, as if I was on the wrong path. After much prayer, deliberation, and even tears, we left law school behind with both support and head-scratching by family and friends. And with that, here we are now with wide eyes and open hands, ready for whatever is in store for us as we seek to give our lives away in love.

This place is but a taste of my strenuous mind, a home for my writings that are ground-breaking and minute and everything in between. It is a room for all of my musings that I invite you into wholeheartedly with the hope and desire that you might leave understanding that each and every human being has something within the depths of their being worth dying for. What is contained within these pages is mine.